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Obsessed with the Battousai....
Okay , here's the deal : My friend rang me up one morning and told me to turn on the TV .
'There's a really cool show on the telly!! Come and see!!'
So , sleepy as I was , I felt obliged to do so . As the Television flickered to life , funky Japanese music filled the air , and a red haired Samurai lept into battle against some dudes in triangular shaped hats . This was my first introduction to Rurouni Kenshin .

2 years later , I've become more and more obsessed with Kenshin and Sanosuke , a bad ass ex-gangster with a cute face . This page is dedicated to the Battousai and Zanza ...............


And if you don't like it you can just poo off!!
Hehe - not many so far since I only just created the site!!

13/10/2000 - Battousai and Zanza Obsessions is born!!

14/10/2000 - The forum is created - Moderators wanted!!
Himura Kenshin - a man dedicated to non-killing after a lifetime's worth of blood

Any Input?
Anything you would like to see on this website? Fan Fics , Fan Art , Fan Clubs , anything!!
Or anything to submit? Just click on the link below and I'll put it up or consider it!! Tankie!
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Ooh! Pies!!
I'm connsidering setting up a page for the delicious Zell Dincht from Final Fantasy 8 any input there?

*Drools as she sees all the cute anime guys around her*

Sagara Sanosuke - An ex-member of the Sekihoutai group , a well known gangster known as Zanza , and general bad boy of the Kayima dojo
Don't be shy! e-me here!

Oi! Get back up there now!